Economic Theory and Theological Truth
The Christian Post, Dr. Richard D. Land

We hear much discussion these days on the subject of the economy. Why is our economy in the doldrums and what needs to be done to restore our once prosperous business and job climate? Are the problems merely cyclical or are they systemic

Challenging Islam
Homiletic and Pastoral Review, Rev. Michael P. Orsi

Today, we face a political/religious challenge, Islam, in which, avoiding hard truths, exposes us to a real and present danger.

Evangelical Evolutionists Meet in New York
Christianity Today, Tim Stafford

The most sobering moment for attendees of the Biologos “Theology of Celebration” conference in New York City, March 20–22, came when David Kinnaman of Barna Research presented findings on what U.S. Protestant pastors believe about creation. More than half profess a 6-day, 24-hour creation of life. Fewer than one in five, on the other hand, follow Biologos in affirming an evolutionary process as God’s method of creation.

Tim Tebow, Jeremy Lin, and Why God Cares About Sports
Philosophical Fragments, Timothy Dalrymple

Isn’t it degrading to suggest that God cares about sports? Isn’t that anthropomorphizing? Are we, like the ancient Greeks with their stories of gods who did all sorts of silly and petty and naughty things, really supposed to imagine that God dons a cheese-wedge upon his head and roots for the Packers?