In his somewhat interesting article in the New Republic about how conservative Christians can end up supporting a Mormon presidential candidate, Ed Gilore, managing editor of The Democratic Strategist, writes about “prominent evangelical critic, the homophobic American Family Association’s Bryan Fischer.” Strategist note to self: slip in the word homophobic whenever you can in places where you are not even arguing the cause, but simply as a neutral adjective, okay? Over time this will establish it as mainstream established usage, and a word that sane people routinely apply to a large politically unfriendly group. The phobic part of the word indicates the insanity of the targeted group. It’s a way to demonize without sounding demonic.

Strategist note number two will follow Kilgore’s kick-to-the-groin conclusion:

And in the end, as [Dallas First Baptist Church pastor Robert] Jeffress stated plainly, the only religious test that matters is whether you support the “Biblical values” of hostility to feminists, gays, and liberal Protestants like the president.

Show not an ounce of respect for the articulated motives and intentions and principles of your opponents, but turn them on their heads and distort them in the process. If they claim to want to protect innocent human life, depict them as hostile to the freedom of pregnant girls. If they oppose redefining marriage for principled reasons, depict them as hostile to gay couples. Shoot, just depict them as hostile, angry, theocrats–use the word Taliban or Nazi if you can–early and often. Pile it deep.