Joe Carter has recently invited me to blog at Touchstone’s Mere Comments. I was honored to accept.

For those wondering, I’ll be posting primarily about the intersection of religion and politics. Of course, I’ll be bringing attention to other noteworthy items, as well.

Currently, I work for The Family Foundation, a conservative advocacy group in Kentucky. We are the state affiliate of Focus on the Family. My day job consists of advocacy, lobbying, policy analysis, communications and legislative research.

I’m a very proud graduate of The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary where I received my Masters of Divinity. While at Southern Seminary, I had the pleasure of working for Touchstone Senior Editor Dr. Russell Moore. He’s been a dean, a pastor, and a mentor to me. His influence has been incalculable.

I also blog with Matthew Anderson at My work has been featured in The Weekly Standard, Christianity Today, Louisville Courier-Journal, The City, and other places. I also serve as a freelance correspondent for The Institute on Religion & Democracy. Overall, I live and write at the intersection of church and state; politics and religion.

Above all, I’m a family man. I’m married to a woman I don’t deserve and together, we have a little girl that I treasure more than I communicate in words.

You can find me at