Over at Christianity Today, Sarah Pulliam Bailey highlights supposed similarities between the talks given by Eric Metaxas and President Obama at last week’s National Prayer Breakfast:

Author Eric Metaxas and President Barack Obama made similar addresses with different emphases during the National Prayer Breakfast’s 60th anniversary, both noting a religious motivation to “care for the least of these” and concern of “phony religiosity” while standing on different positions politically.

Obama’s remarks partly mirrored Metaxas when talking about mutual respect, though the two part ways on the issue of abortion.

But over at The Corner, I think Mark Joseph correctly notes the radical dissimilarities between their talks, such as the disconnect between characteristics of “phony religiosity” (Metaxas), including using the Bible as a weapon, and the president’s interpretation and application of Scripture to contemporary tax code debates.

If the organizers of the national prayer breakfast ever want a sitting president to attend their event again, they need to expect that any leader in his right mind is going to ask — no, demand — that he be allowed to see a copy of the keynote address that is traditionally given immediately before the president’s.

That’s how devastating was the speech given by a little known historical biographer named Eric Metaxas, whose clever wit and punchy humor barely disguised a series of heat-seeking missiles that were sent, intentionally or not, in the commander-in-chief’s direction.