The Bishops and the Mandate: Principled Witness vs. Politics as Usual
Public Discourse, Robert P. George, Sherif Girgis, and Ryan T. Anderson

The controversy over the HHS mandate is not a spat about wonkish detail or tribal privilege. It remains a struggle for the principle of religious freedom, the soul of civil society.

The Santorum Predicament: A Sign of the Times
Albert Mohler

Rick Santorum is still a long shot for the Republican nomination, but his candidacy and its coverage in the mainstream media tell us a great deal about the fate of conservative candidates and conservative convictions in the public square.

As Gay Marriage Gains Ground in Nation, New Hampshire May Revoke Its Law
New York Times, Abby Goodnough

As same-sex marriage supporters celebrate victories in Washington and Maryland this month, they are keeping a wary eye on New Hampshire, where lawmakers may soon vote to repeal the state’s two-year-old law allowing gay couples to wed.

Why Did Burned-Qurans Provoke Afghani Muslims to Riot and Kill?
The Gospel Coalition, Joe Carter

In Islam the place of the Quran is not parallel to the Bible, but to Jesus.