Seven states sue government over contraceptives mandate
CNN, Tom Cohen

Seven states on Thursday filed a lawsuit against the federal government requirement that religious employers offer health insurance coverage that includes contraceptives and other birth control services.

The Democratic Virtues of the Christian Right
Mere Orthodoxy, Matthew Lee Anderson

There are few books that I wish every evangelical under the age of forty would read: Jon Shields’ The Democratic Virtues of the Christian Right is one of them.

Cardinal George: no Catholic hospitals in 2 years unless HHS mandate is rescinded

Warning that the Church is being “despoiled of her institutions” as “freedom of conscience and of religion become a memory from a happier past,” Cardinal Francis George of Chicago observes that “the Catholic Church in the United States is being told she must ‘give up’ her health care institutions, her universities and many of her social service organizations.”

Constantine’s Birth: Cause for Celebration?
The Gospel Coalition, John Starke

Celebrating Constantine’s birthday on February 27 might seem, at least for some, like celebrating the Crusades. It’s rarely a good thing when society adds an “-ism” to the end of your name.