It Isn’t Easy Being Pink: There is No Neutral Ground When it Comes to Planned Parenthood
Christianity Today, R. Albert Mohler Jr.

A noble cause cannot mask the most ignoble of partners.

U.S. marriage rate continues decline; men tie knot later
Washington Times, Cheryl Wetzstein

U.S. marriage rates are low and dropping, while the average age of first marriage for American men has risen to almost 29 years.

No Generic God
Catholic World Report, James V. Schall, S.J.

We need to trust that God is present in history. We are not calling all the shots.

A review of The Artist
Strange Herring, Anthony Sacramone

Great jumping dust bunnies! The way critics have fawned over this film, you’d think it had been a collaboration between Charlie Chaplin and F.W. Murnau only recently discovered in a vault somewhere, lovingly restored by Martin Scorsese and paired with an animated short courtesy of Pixar.