Touchstones 25th Anniversary EditionTouchstone's 25th anniversary issue is published and in the mail!

This longer than usual issue is filled with special editorials by senior editors James Hitchcock, Robert George, and Allan Carlson, columns and views by senior editors Russell Moore, S. M. Hutchens, Anthony Esolen and Patrick Henry Reardon,  features that instruct and encourage such as "Table Manners" by Russell Moore, a special section on Touchstone's 25 years of common witness by James Kushiner, and much more, mark this very special year.

Highlights of the magazine include the cover's feature article on his pilgrimage in Spain, "The Way of St. James" by Leon Podles, and two articles that explore the life of Thomas Merton: "A Many-Storied Monastic" that gives firsthand knowledge of Thomas Merton by Patrick Henry Reardon and "A Friendship of Letters" that explores the correspondence between Dorothy Day and Thomas Merton by Jim Forest.

And to especially mark this issue, James Kushiner gives readers, in a special section on ecumenical orthodoxy, a brief history of Touchstone and its hopes for the future.

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Help us celebrate and give thanks to God for 25 special years of common witness!