2012CalendarBanner FSJ Calendar of the Christian Year 2012

The Fellowship of St. James 2012 Calendar of the Christian Year
is now available for pre-ordering. The Calendar will go to print in September.

This unique ecumenical calendar is an inspiring expression and daily reminder of the communion of the saints to which we all belong. It includes prophets, apostles, martyrs, missionaries, monks, children, married and unmarried, peasants and kings, preachers, bishops, and pastors, all members of the mystical Body of Christ, that great cloud of witnesses.  In this way we can remember the saints every day and be encouraged by their witness to Christ, the Lord of all.  Celebrate your Christian heritage!

The Calendar is now available for pre-ordering for only $11.95, plus shipping.  And we do have bulk prices so you can order several calendars–one for yourself and for friends, colleagues, and pastors! Please order online by clicking here or by phone at 877-375-7373.

Note: Orders will be shipped late September 2011