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This Nov/Dec issue includes:

  • Anthony Esolen: Why a state “under God” is NOT a theocracy and why such a state cannot itself be made into an idol.
  • S. M. Hutchens: Why loving our enemies AND our country means paying more careful attention to Muslims.
  • Steven Boyer on Narnia Invaded: How the Narnia Films (Successfully) Subvert Lewis’s Hierarchical World
  • S. M. Hutches reviews A Sword Between the Sexes, the latest (and masterful!) attempt to make C. S. Lewis into a closet egalitarian.
  • Trial by Desert by Patrick Henry Reardon
  • How Near-Death Experiences Challenge My Faith (and don’t) by Marilyn Prever
  • Pagan Despair & Hope in Christ by Anthony Esolen
  • Ken Myers on the Triumph of Casual Speech Over, Like, Formal Address
  • Robert Hart on the the Incarnation & the Sacred Feminine
  • Rebecca Sicree describes “The New Adventures of Baby Jesus”
  • Are you dreading sending out Christmas cards and letters this year? Read two views on e-mails and paper communication.
  • Logan Gage on the strange marriage of Thomism and Darwinism.

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