“I am so indebted to Touchstone for helping me grow as a Christian. You folks have opened up a world of thinking and ideas for me, and through me to my family. I am experiencing the solid reality of that “renewing of the mind” that Paul talks about. More and more I understand that it really matters what I believe and why–and your articles have helped inform that thinking and given me a tool to articulate these thoughts and ideas.” –A reader from California

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The issue opens with the editorial “Modest and Bold,” on the Gospel and political upheavals, by Patrick Henry Reardon, followed by views, for example, by Robert Hart on John Lennon and the popularity of Jesus, and by Randall B. Smith on what there is to talk about in heaven.

The features include a piece by Eleanor Bourg Donlon on the loss of a Christian understanding of virginity, and ten arguments in defense of marriage (part 2) by Anthony Esolen.

Don’t miss the hard-hitting “Two Murdered in Pakistan” by Peter Riddell and the fascinating “Rock Formation” by Christopher Jackson.

And, as always, there are informative pieces in Quodlibet, inspiring and controversial letters, and book reviews.

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