Birmingham Treaders (Treaders are Touchstone readers) is pleased to host Orthodox missionary to Albania, Nathan Hoppe (of the Orthodox Christian Mission Center), to speak on his experiences and thoughts regarding the relationship of Christians and Muslims at Trinity Presbyterian Church, 3251 Greendale Rd, Birminghham, AL 35243, on Thursday, July 8 at 6:30 p.m.

It is the hope of the Birmingham Treaders that it will be a local fellowship of Christians from a variety of denominations, communions, and traditions who come to have the same sense of kinship as the Fellowship of St. James, whose executive editor, Jim Kushiner, describes as "no mere ecumenical 'think-tank' but a growing fellowship of Christians from many different churches who earnestly desire to be faithful in word and deed to Christ, and who sense a kinship with one another in their reliance upon the Word, despite their differences."