Jim Kushiner has been working very hard, especially for the last few years, in raising money for the ministry of the Fellowship of St. James.  My wife and I have always been enthusiastic contributors to Touchstone, but know that there is some irony in this, since the things I write for the magazine and Mere Comments, and the way I write them, have to be one of the chief causes of the unpopularity of the journal among "moderates" who wish to be orthodox and egalitarian at the same time, and would be pleased to help fund us if we validated their pretensions, or at least didn't call them bad names.  More than once I have heard complaints from those quarters that we have failed in being a true representative of mere Christianity–that is to say, Christianity with a nice, shiny new egalitarian rider.

I wouldn’t be surprised if there is gold in them there hills if we change our tack.  Look at modernizing Evangelicalism: there’s money–at least to begin with–in keeping the egalitarians happy, in the appearance of good sense and moderation in the context of modern realities–a good definition in any generation of the Broad Road.  The temptation to relax on these things is always there, even in the matter of what advertising we will carry.  Touchstone has developed some status over the years, is grudgingly read and quoted by people who don’t like us, and one picks up signs from time to time that criticism from us nettles the Sensible far more than you will hear them admit in public. 

But if we are correct on these things, I hope we enjoy the patronage of the Lord, from whom all funding flows.  If he kills us–and kill he does, even the best of his servants, Glory be to God–that is a death we can be satisfied with, and given the choice between living well in disobedience and living poor in his good graces, I trust we shall make the choice that marks most of history’s saints.  We don’t wish to be well-spoken-of by all men, but are happy and grateful when we get the support of those who love us.