This publication is inspiring and yet rational.  It is one of the greatest purchases I have ever made.  It addresses different issues, both complex and simple, with an air of humility, while marinating a marvelously high level of academic prowess.

This magazine, to which I have been a subscriber for only a year, has been one of the most influential factors to my understanding and

appreciating Christ’s Universal Church.

–From a reviewer on

 Touchstone July/August 2010

The July/August issue of Touchstone is due out next week, so please, if you haven’t subscribed yet, join the many that

have been encouraged and informed by Touchstone.

The new issue has a stimulating line-up of articles. The lead editorial by Leon J. Podles addresses the ultimate sacrifice that some reforms require, followed by columns and views by Phillip Johnson, Ken Myers, Patrick Henry Reardon, and others.

Features include a piece on the destruction of home by Russell D. Moore, arguments in defense of marriage by Anthony Esolen, the sign of Constantine by Peter J. Leithart, and the wisdom of Don Quijote’s Sancho by Bernardo Aparicio Garcia.

And, as always, there is the informative Quodlibet, inspiring and controversial letters, and hard-hitting communiques.

And don’t miss the book reviews! Summer can be the best time for reading.

So, sign up today to receive your first copy of Touchstone soon!