I’ve been calling a number of our Friends and supporters—someone said they wish I didn’t have to do this, and while that is a good point, I have had many interesting conversations–with a retired math teacher, with a man who runs a welding shop in a small town, with a young lawyer, with a mother of four, to name a few! I am also signing a couple hundred thank you letters for recent contributions today.

I keep thinking about a recent kind and generous offering made to us, stock shares that we could turn around and sell. We found out that the company involved is currently profiting from embryonic stem cell research. We had to turn that well-intentioned offer down. I do not know, in the end, what the value of the stock was that was offered. It doesn’t matter. There are also certain ads that we cannot run. While the editors don’t (and likely can’t!) agree with everything written in every book advertised in Touchstone, there are limits. For instance, my statement a few years ago about not advertising a conference at which “Bishop” Spong was to be a speaker was met with some bemusement on the part of another publisher. It’s an ad we must afford to turn down.

It is my devout prayer that nothing we do to support the ministry is offensive or diminishes in any way the ministry, for Christ, Creed, and Culture. These are hard times for many, and we understand and share that situation with our readers and supporters. The times are not only hard economically for many, they are also spiritually perilous. I am grateful for the kind and generous support of so many from so many places and backgrounds and churches. Whatever you can, please, contribute today–it will be gratefully received and a blessing to many.