I attend a Lutheran congregation in north Minneapolis, one that belongs to the church body I work for. It's large but not huge.

The senior pastor has made himself visible in the media for a number of

years as a critic of the liberal church, and of modern trends such as

universalism, women's ordination, higher criticism of the Bible, and the

normalization of homosexuality. He is a single man.

Last night, while watching local news on television, I discovered

that he'd been “outed” as a homosexual.

He was not discovered in a “gay” bar. He was not discovered having

sex with another man in a public rest room.

According to the news accounts I've seen (emanating from liberal

sources) he was discovered attending a support and accountability group

in a Roman Catholic church. He was speaking honestly, to men he trusted,

about his struggles, slips, and temptations.

In other words, he was doing precisely what people on our side of

the argument say a man in his situation ought to do. He is the very

opposite of a hypocrite.

On the basis of the accounts I've read, the “journalist” who

produced the story infiltrated this accountability group, lied about his

purposes, and then broke the promise of confidentiality he made to get


The television story pretended to be a high-minded think piece about

whether it's ever appropriate to “out” someone against their wishes.

I don't believe that was the real purpose of the story. I believe it

was to splash my pastor's picture all over TV screens in our state,

with a metaphorical scarlet letter on his chest.

My pastor has my full support, and my prayers. God bless him, and

all godly men in his situation.