It is fund-raising time again, especially for the end of our

fiscal year on June 30th. 

Many of you have been very generous this past year and we are very


We have another way that you can help contribute to the

Fellowship of St. James, as many other non-profits have done, merely by using

the GoodSearch company. is an Internet search engine that donates a

portion of its advertising revenue to charities such as the Fellowship of St.

James. The average donation is around a penny a qualified search. And those pennies can really add up! (You can

go to to see how it works, and what searches qualify.) uses affiliate marketing to direct percentages

of online sales through its online shopping mall to charities. I bought a book

at through GoodShop and a portion of the sale went to FSJ!

To make it easy, if you like, just download the GoodSearch toolbar

and make sure that the Fellowship of St. James is your designated charity.

Thank you for considering this easy way to continue to

contribute to the work of the Fellowship of St. James, the publisher of Touchstone and Salvo magazines. We’ll keep you posted to see how much has been