May/June Issue Going to Print Soon!

The May/June issue of Touchstone will be going to print next week! You won’t want to miss

the line-up of articles coming soon.

The issue starts off with an editorial on the

Christian and the tattoo, followed by columns and views on preaching like the

devil by Russell Moore, tithing by Daniel Propson, the gift of atheism by

Christopher Killheffer and much more.

Features include a piece on humor by Anthony Esolen,

C. S. Lewis’s Trilemma by Donald T. Williams, and the President’s honorary

doctorate by Francis Beckwith.

And the departments and reviews are full of

information and recommendations.

As one reader said in part:

Touchstone is one of the better journals to discuss and debate the meaning of

the mind and heart in the contemporary world by standing on the shoulders of

those who have struggled with this perennial question in the past. The editors are Orthodox, Roman, and Protestant Christians who take

seriously the creeds and scriptures of the Church. In other words, they realize

that Tradition is the glue that holds the Church together, and by extension, sanitizes

and sanctifies culture.

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