Thank you to the many readers who have passed out samples of Touchstone this past year! Please help us to continue with this wonderful “grassroots marketing.”  We still have back issues available for the asking. Just contact me at and I will try to send you the number of issues you request, each with a special order form that offers a discount.

And don’t forget that we've made it even easier for readers, friends, and supporters to spread the word about the publications and work of the Fellowship of St. James. Right here on our website you can download PDFs (by clicking "Promote FSJ" at the top of the page) that you can print and use as flyers, bulletin inserts, and "coupons" to give to friends. They'll thank you for giving them, for example, a special offer for Touchstone that has a FREE BOOK to go with it (Creed and Culture).

Please think about how you might be able to use these PDF fliers to spread a bit of right thinking and small "o" orthodoxy in your local community! Most people appreciate word-of-mouth recommendations, especially when they come with a freebie as good as Creed & Culture.

Thanks again!