Visiting a site that linked to debates on religious subjects, I found one of the hotly disputed theses to be that no one has ever produced evidence God does not exist.  Rather optimistic, that.  Evidences both for and against the existence of God appear to exist with roughly equal logical force, depending upon which side of the bed one rises from–the business of life being just this lectulary probation, a testing of the intelligent creature to see upon which side it shall arise.

Response to evidence, however, rests upon something deeper and hidden to us, and to which the choice of evidences is subsequent.  On one side it is the mystery of election: God inexplicably chooses.  On the other it is the mystery of the free response of the soul to the enlivening touch of its Creator: man inexplicably chooses, for that is what he, a son of God created in his image, has been made for–a getting up from recumbence in which he must not simply arise, but rise on his right or his left.  It then remains for him to have his faith confirmed in whatever evidence suits him.