I don’t think I’ve ever (until now) written for a publication before

I’ve ever actually seen a copy. I wrote an article on the death of John

Updike for a new journal The City,

published by friends at Houston Baptist University. The issue just

arrived in the mail, and (apart from my contribution, of course) it is

truly excellent.

The summer 2009 issue

includes articles by Wilfred McClay on the soul in the city, Hunter

Baker on science and secularism, Peter Augustine Lawler on

Solzhenitsyn, and Robert P. George on Obama and abortion. The issue

also features a symposium on “younger evangelicals.”

The symposium includes this quote from Francis Beckwith: “If the

young evangelicals are really serious about ’struggle’ and

‘authenticity,’ they should avoid drama queens like Donald Miller and

look at those who have really lived it.” This is in the midst of

Beckwith’s argument that “authenticity” is being treated by some

evangelicals as one more commodity to be acquired in the whirl of their

“image-hypnotized” lives.

You should subscribe to this journal.

Kudos to Houston Baptist University, and to their president Robert

Sloan for leading this great school to this kind of intellectual