That's the idea behind David Klinghoffer's article at Beliefnet on the comments and opinions of Francis Collins, a Christian convert, just appointed to head the National Institutes of Health. One example: Collins

considers a bioethical situation where a genetic counselor is discussing with a (married) mother, 8 weeks pregnant, whether to abort her child because there's a 7 to 8 percent chance the child will have a mild learning disability. Should the mother indicate an interest in aborting, Collins and his two co-authors commend to the counselor a stance of "respect for [patient] autonomy" and "nondirective counseling."

Klinghoffer rightly points out that the media's use of "devout" seems safe as long as the religious believer's views on certain topics are amenable to secular liberal orthodoxies. His religion will be no threat to the current ruling party.