I have just read Russell

Moore's new Adopted for Life: The Priority of Adoption for

Christian Families and Their Churches, and

commend it to you. Several years ago Russell and his wife

Maria adopted two little boys from a squalid orphanage in Russia.

Russell, who is Dean of the School of Theology at Southern Baptist

Seminary and a senior editor of Touchstone, has

written this book as a

reflection in which he skillfully weaves the Christian understanding

of adoption in its widest sense with his own family's story. This is

not so much a “how to” manual as an account of a journey of

souls–his, his wife's, and his sons', laboring under the yoke of

this peculiar joy. Dr. Moore 's mind is fertile, and his

range is wide, so the book, like any really worthy book of its kind,

may be read profitably for matter that goes beyond its subject–such

as the extended Moore family's rather unevangelical attitude toward

cats. (You'll have to read it.)