For the 4th year in a row, Touchstone has been awarded Best in Class for the Journal category by the Associated Church Press in their annual Best of the Christian Press awards. Touchstone won 6 other awards in the competition as well. Here are the results with some of the judge’s comments. Award of Excellence is "first place," Merit is "second," and Honorable Mention is "third." All articles were published in 2007.

Best in Class: Journal
Judged by Ken Waters

Award of Excellence: Touchstone. David Mills, editor. “The premise of this publication—mere Christianity—is backed by a variety of excellent content. The ability to provoke dialogue with readers—Esolen’s piece on Esther comes to mind—is a real gift. It means people are reading and interacting with the content. The design is simple, but pleasing.”

Editorial Courage
Judged by Andrew Herrmann

Award of Merit: Touchstone for “All God’s Children’’ by James M. Kushiner and David Mills, May. “An unusual topic that challenges conventional wisdom. The point is well made and, given the current view on family size, courageous in its presentation.”

Personal Experience, First Person Account: Long Format
Judged by Nancy Fitzgerald

Award of Merit: Touchstone for “Eating Light” by Emily Stimpson, June. “Skillfully written, this piece examines our cultural ambivalence about food and eating, and places it in a eucharistic light, going beyond lip service into the meaning of one of the central elements of Christian faith.”

Media Review Section
Judged by Robert O. Wyatt

Award of Merit: Touchstone for Reviews edited by David Mills, March and May.
“A wide range of reviews of important books from a broad and generous conservative viewpoint.”

Critical Review
Judged by Robert O. Wyatt

Award of Merit: Touchstone for “Leftovers” by David Mills, December. “A tough perceptive critique of Diana Butler Bass’s Christianity for the Rest of Us, a study of alternate, emergent forms of the community church. The reviewer summarizes the book fairly and points to weaknesses in the congregations Bass praises: reliance on a strong central leader, absence of attention to sexual ethics, and the dismissal of traditional formulations of the faith.”

Humor Written
Judged by Joel Kilpatrick

Award of Excellence: Touchstone for “The Minister’s Cabinet” by Christopher Bailey, June. “A perfect bit of writing. Avoids all common mistakes of humor writing such as overstatement, cheek, and over-reliance on funny lines rather than funny situations. Author understands that great humor is mostly about characters and relationships. This one fires on all cylinders with great lines and a depth of back story.”

Devotional/Inspirational, Long Format
Judged by Victoria M. Tufano

Award of Merit: Touchstone for “Death Unplugged” by Paul Gregory Alms, March. “The article contrasts death as it is viewed in contemporary and previous secular culture with death in the Christian tradition. By recounting the language surrounding illness and death that has become so familiar to most of us, and then analyzing it, the author lays bare our attitudes toward death. He then reasserts the wisdom of the Christian tradition.”