The April issue of Touchstone is in the final editing stages. It will contain features by William Saunders on why universal religious freedom will make more martyrs and by Ronald Marshall on how many of the children’s versions of the biblical story of Jonah water down, change, or leave out key parts of the biblical text in an effort to make the story more appealing to children. The effect is that children miss out on the important lessons of the story or, worse, learn the wrong lessons.

Views in this issue:

  • Robert P. George on vocational integrity as a matter of faith.
  • Jessica Snell on the rhythm of the church year at home.
  • Aaron W. Calhoun on our unsatisfying response to suffering.
  • Amanda Witt on the immeasurability of wasted lives.

Other articles:

  • David Mills’s editorial on why we still must pray for the Jews.
  • Patrick Henry Reardon on the Truth who lives.
  • Logan Paul Gage shows that the innate ideas of the believing primate are part of human nature.

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