My friend and new contributor at Salvo magazine, Marcia Segelstein, sent me her latest musing, "Bah Humbug on Holiday Cards" in which she writes:

It’s headline news again this year that Christmas is rapidly losing its true meaning. Department store workers aren’t allowed to wish people “Merry Christmas,” more schools are banning Christmas carols from their holiday concerts and fewer and fewer creches appear in towns across the nation. The “Christ” in Christmas was replaced with an “X” long ago.

Yep, nothing much has changed from last year. Secularization:

I know many Jews-in-name-only who have Christmas trees, too. And why not? It probably has as much meaning to them as it does to many so-called Christians.

I don’t begrudge anyone of any religious or non-religious stripe having a decorated evergreen tree in their living room. I just wouldn’t necessarily call it a celebration of Christmas.

But what about us "devout" Christians? Her point:

[D]on’t send meaningless, mealy-mouthed, generic holiday cards that might as well be celebrating the winter solstice!

In a few days, my mantlepiece will be filled, not with reminders of the gospel story of Jesus’s birth, but with professional photos of children or entire families adorning cards with inoffensive messages like “Peace and Joy.” In my neck of the woods, there seems to be a little competition going for whose children can pose the best for these annual mailings. Frankly, I don’t care. And I have a little reality check for the church-going believers out there who send these photo cards: Christmas isn’t about your lovely, smiling children or your beautifully posed family. It’s about the Son of God taking human form to save your souls.  Maybe putting Christ back into Christmas starts at home.

So, if you must send a photo of your children, include it in a card that is about the sacred nature of this miracle of miracles. Or, take a photo of your creche. At least it would be a picture of the actual Holy Family.

In case you need to run out to a store still and find appropriate cards, you might have to help a store clerk by saying that you’re looking for a card with "the Lady with the Baby" on it.