Several readers of Mere Comments have taken strong exception to my recent negative characterization of Charles, Prince of Wales, occasioned by his pronouncements upon the subject of "climate change." They are of course entitled to their opinions, and I’ve been much stimulated by their lively responses. I wonder, though, how they will feel about his equally expert pronouncements on the subject of Islam, and American "intolerance" of it. We are, it is promised, going to be hearing a lot from the Prince about this, and Lord knows what else, over the next week or so. Perhaps he will inform us about what we should do on the question of embryonic stem-cell research too, while he’s at it. And I’ll bet he’s got some great ideas for Social Security reform. And the estate tax! He’s a natural for that one! I for one am willing to put up with it all, if only for the sake of the Mark Steyn columns that I know will come of it. But valiant defenders of the Prince may want to…um…sheathe their swords for a while.

P.S. After writing this, I discovered this, by kindred spirit Jed Babbin. He too is looking for the Steyn column. Mark, are you hearing this? Your public clamors for you….

P.P.S. I hope the Prince will be up to speed on things like this, and this. But I’m sure he knows ALL about that stuff….