Writing for Slate, William Saletan gives an account of a recent meeting of the President’s Council on Bioethics and of a trip he made last week to Rome for a conference on embryonic life and biomedical research. Many notables walk in and out of Saletan’s narration including Leon Kass, Hadley Arkes, Robert George, Mary Ann Glendon, Eric Cohen, and Peter Lawler, among others. It’s an entertaining and informative report of these lucid minds interacting, of the differences between Catholic and Jewish thinking on the questions, and revealing of the characters involved in perhaps the most important debate of our times. There’s loads of links throughout the text, and while I came away from the report feeling as though I knew a bit more about what’s at stake (whether I actually do is another thing), one could very well get a degree in bioethics if all the rabbit trails posted along the way were exhaustively followed. The title of the report, Oy Vitae, says it all.