I caught a brief virus and then went on the road to Michigan, and so was away from the office for a better part of last week, thus my absence in this space and the presence of a few more typos than I usually let stand when around to sweep them under the rug.

Newsweek ran a bizarre cover story in its February 21 issue, Mommy Madness, lacking (surprise, surprise) perspective in its reporting and insidious in its aims, which was sliced and diced by Charles Colson in a Breakpoint radio commentary, and was wonderfully skewered and grilled by the ever-amusing James Lileks, whose commentaries are surrounded by scenes from adventures he shares with his preschool-aged daughter, whom he gives the affectionate internet name of Gnat.

There is also this fun piece, Meet the Slacker Mom, in the February 13 issue of Newsweek. While some might take this mother’s formula as an excuse to pursue mediocrity, there is wisdom in her keep-it-simple approach even as we seek to be perfect as Christ is perfect.