Joel Tom Tate, who has written about Christian colleges for us, sent along this strange story:

In Wales recently a man discovered a wardrobe full of bones in the home of his deceased Aunt. The police were notified and after an investigation it was determined that the bones were prehistoric bones that had been removed from a series of caves during WWII to make room for the British army. Then a decision had to be made about what to do with the bones:

It was felt that the Rev Alun Brookfield, vicar at nearby Abercrave for the past two years, should be asked to provide a simple ceremony appropriate to the pre-Christian spirituality of the cave dwellers as they are interred.

“I will offer an invitation to commend those who died to whatever gods they worshipped,” said Mr Brookfield yesterday.

“And all people present will be able to contemplate this with whatever gods they worship.”

He said he had no qualms performing such a ceremony as a Christian vicar.

“I have no problem with anything that encourages people to seek God,” added Mr Brookfield.

“It is very unusual, though. Completely unique in my experience.”