<h1>Game review Warhammer: Chaosbane (pc). Recommendation No. 2

Game review Warhammer: Chaosbane (pc). Recommendation No. 2

I mentioned that Haosbein is "passing." I wrote this intentionally because the game is very simple and not a big problem. During the game on a normal level of difficulty, I died several times, and this was more likely due to inattention or fatigue. The name does not force the player to use large combinations - usually we just go ahead and repel dozens of enemies attacking us, from time to time using the skills of a special character and a healing mixture. The game basically goes alone with our easy support, and the creators do not even bother us - we encounter more powerful (such as elite units) opponents very sporadically. During the game, I had the convincing impression that EKO Software is excellent in typical sofas that just want to swing their swords or leave a few spells on Sunday afternoon. If you were counting on something more, you will not find it here.

We can play for one of four heroes - a warrior, a dwarf barbarian, a magician and an archer-hunter. Each class has unique skills and has a fairly developed development tree, under which we open new skills. If you are already tempted to Haosbein, then I would rather recommend playing with remote characters - their skills in action are much more effective (although we quote the classics - “there is no rage in any case”). In the case of melee characters, the game also has some problems with animation and hitboxes, resulting in the impression that instead of the body of a monster we cut the air around us.

After the end of the campaign, the final awaits us, that is, the stage that should keep us in Haosbenev for the next long hours. Here it is divided into three options - we can repeat boss fights (unfortunately, there are only 4 of them, so boredom quickly interrupts), break through randomly generated and full enemy locations, or hunt relics at different difficulty levels. Of course, the more difficult, the greater the chances of a reward. The problem is that these dubious attractions do not really encourage you to spend more time with the game. There is also no reasonable multiplayer (the game throws us to a random server, sometimes it can even mix difficulty levels!), Some kind of HUB or general chat in which you can meet other players. What is the point of collecting better and better objects and improving characters if the creators really do not offer any reasonable ways in which we could use the progress made in action?

It's hard to recommend Warhammer: Chaosbane to anyone who has previously eaten teeth on Diablo or Path of Exile. This header is much simpler, shorter, and offers much less content than the top hacks. However, if you want to slaughter monsters in your beloved universe and at the same time not spend more than a dozen or so hours playing it, it might be worth a try. However, genre hunters have nothing to look for here - a poor boot system, weak multiplayer mode, kick boxes or - or, perhaps most of all - an almost nonexistent endgame, for me the disqualification of EKO Software. Watch Live Cams Now! Our free cams allow you to chat live with any model for an unlimited amount of time. No Registration Required - 100% Free live sex on cams for iPhone & Android. Enjoy the best free webcam chatrooms with hot girls and boys. Thousands of free and private live sex cams and adult chat with HD streaming video and audio. Watch real amateurs and pornstars online 24/7.