Vatican II Is Still News

by James Hitchcock

Full & Honest Ecumenism

by S. M. Hutchens


Dialogue with a Dominican

An Interview with Aidan Nichols, O. P.
by James M. Kushiner


Summit of the Gods

Ted Turner's Millennium World Peace Summit
by Austin Ruse


Practical Christianity

Petrified Intellects

by Thomas S. Buchanan

13.9—November 2000


Breaking the Ties That Bind

Globalization & the Family
by Harold O. J. Brown

The UN?From Friend to Foe

The Fate of the Family in the Triumph of Socialism over Christian Democracy
by Allan C. Carlson


“Like a Startle . . . Like a Flinch”

John E. Dunsford on Abortion

Defending the Indefensible

David Mills on the Language of Abortion

book reviews

Clear Philosophy

The Unity of Philosophical Experience
by Etienne Gilson
reviewed by Eric Scheske

Saving California

The Man Who Founded California
by M. N. L. Couve de Murville
reviewed by Patrick Henry Reardon


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