The Self-Destruction of the NCC

by David Mills


A Double Take on Early Christianity

An Interview with Rodney Stark
by Mike Aquilina


Bestsellers of the NCC

by John Oliver

Twilight Time for the NCC

by Parker T. Williamson


Plausible Ecumenism

An Ecumenical Roundtable Discussion
by James M. Kushiner


Practical Christianity

Waste of Time

by Thomas S. Buchanan

13.1—January/February 2000



In Defense of Our Traditions

Mark Tooley on Denominationalism

The Head of the Church

S. M. Hutchens on Women’s Ordination

book reviews

The Recovering of the Altars

Beyond the Prosaic:
Renewing the Liturgical Movement
edited by Stratford Caldecott
reviewed by Richard J. Mammana, Jr.

Two Cultural Critics

The Critical Legacy
of Irving Babbitt
by George A. Panichas
A Few Reasonable Words
by Henry Regnery
reviewed by Patrick Henry Reardon


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