The Roots of Roe v. Wade

by Patrick Henry Reardon


The Leading Edge

A Step Forward in Ohio

by Phillip E. Johnson

The Matter At Hand

Man Is a Wolf to Man

by Leon J. Podles

As It Is Written...

The Prayers of Hannah

by Patrick Henry Reardon

16.1—January/February 2003


Choosing Love & Making Life

Sex, Love, Marriage & the Culture of Death
by David Mills

Human Life on Ice

Biotechnology, Human Dignity & the Teaching of the Church
by John M. Haas

This Great Stage of Fools

Christian Orthodoxy in Shakespeare’s King Lear
by Peter J. Leithart

Is God Masculine?

Orthodoxy versus Traditionalism
by Alan G. Padgett

Children of a Better God

A Reply to “Is God Masculine?”
by S. M. Hutchens


Nice Killers

David Mills on Respect for Abortionists

Unsafe, Deadly & Legal

Janice Shaw Crouse on Abortion 30 Years After Roe v. Wade

The Imperatives of Ignorance

John Henry Crosby on Personhood & the Human Embryo

Everything Personal

Russell E. Saltzman on Children Born of Rape or Incest

Parting with Our Bodies

Louis R. Tarsitano on the Harvesting of Organs

book reviews

Depopulation & Destiny

A Question of Numbers,
The Death of the West,
The New Christendom,
& World Population Prospects

A review by Leon J. Podles


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