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The Christian as Scientist
by Thomas S. Buchanan

Practical Christianity
Capitalizing Tradition
by Thomas S. Buchanan

Still Nothing to Celebrate
Ecumenical Student Conference Includes “Pro-Gay” Themes
by Mark Tooley

East Meets English
The International Symposium on English Translations of Byzantine Liturgical Texts
by William J. Tighe

Just a Few Other Gospels
Mansions of the Spirit
by Michael Ingham
A review by Terry Mattingly

The New Sexual Revolution
A Return to Modesty
by Wendy Shalit
A review by Sam Torode

Modernism & Theology
The First Moderns
by William R. Everdell
A review by S. M. Hutchens


The Wedge
Breaking the Modernist Monopoly on Science
by Phillip E. Johnson

Design & the Discriminating Public
Gaining a Hearing from Ordinary People
by Nancy Pearcey

Proud Obstacles & a Reasonable Hope
The Apologetic Value of Intelligent Design
by Jay W. Richards

The Regeneration of Science & Culture
The Cultural Implications of Scientific Materialism Versus Intelligent Design
by John G. West, Jr.

Darwin’s Breakdown
Irreducible Complexity & Design at the Foundation of Life
by Michael Behe

Word Games
DNA, Design, & Intelligence
by Stephen C. Meyer

Making Sense of Biology
The Evidence for Development by Design
by Jonathan Wells

Unfit for Survival
The Fatal Flaws of Natural Selection
by Paul A. Nelson

The Cambrian Explosion
The Fossil Record & Intelligent Design
by Robert F. DeHaan
& John L. Wiester

The ?Just So? Universe
The Fine-Tuning of Constants & Conditions in the Cosmos
by Walter Bradley

Signs of Intelligence
A Primer on the Discernment of Intelligent Design
by William A. Dembski

The World as Text
Science, Letters & the Recovery of Meaning
by Patrick Henry Reardon

Getting God a Pass
Science, Theology, & the Consideration of Intelligent Design
by John Mark Reynolds

Speaking in Tongues
Preston Jones on Language, Faith & Culture

The Divide That Is There
S. M. Hutchens on Egalitarian Christianity

An Orthodox Appreciation of George MacDonald
Robert W. Grano on George MacDonald

Every issue of Touchstone also contains short commentaries by our editors, notices of books you should know about, and our spirited letters section.

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