One Leads to the Other

by Peter Toon

On Robert George

by James Hitchcock


Dead on Impact

The Demise of an Interfaith Lobby
by Mark Tooley


Practical Christianity

Raising the Bar

by Thomas S. Buchanan

13.2—March 2000


Disinheriting the Wind

A Closer Look at the Scopes Trial
by Robert P. George

How Now Shall We Bear Witness?

After a Century of Retreat, Can Christians Now Engage the Culture?
by Russell Hittinger


The Flatlanders’ Creed

David Mills on Putting God in His Box

Marcionism Then & Now

Patrick Henry Reardon on the Old Testament

Mitzvah Envy

Richard J. Mammana, Jr.

book reviews

The Battle for Russia’s Souls

Proselytism and
Orthodoxy in Russia
John Witte, Jr., and
Michael Bourdeaux, editors
reviewed by Kent R. Hill

Dark Poet

Early Visions, 1772?1804
Darker Reflections, 1804?1834
by Richard Holme
reviewed by Dale Nelson


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