articles by Robert Hart

32.1 — January/February 2019

Roe v. Women

30.3 — May/June 2017

Known Trespassing

on the Misuse of Property Rights to Justify Slavery & Abortion

30.2 — March/April 2017

The Look of Acts
What the Church Steadfastly Does Every Sunday

29.3 — May/June 2016

Surgical Fantasy

on Biblical Compassion for Sex-Change Confusion

29.2 — March/April 2016

The Little Jesus Who Would

on Cutting Christ Down to One Size Fits Whatever We Want

28.6 — Nov/Dec 2015

Here We Stand
on Opposing Caesar on Same-Sex "Marriage" 

28.4 — July/Aug 2015

The Genuine Preacher

What All Clergy Can Learn from Billy Graham

28.3 — May/June 2015

Deep Convictions

on the Formation of Conscience for Good or Ill

27.5 — Sept/Oct 2014

Thou Shalt Now Covet

on Spiritual Evolution & the Myth of Equal Rights

23.6 — November/December 2010

The Sacred Feminine

on the Incarnation & the Ordained Ministry

23.5 — September/October 2010

Hard to Imagine

on John Lennon & the Popularity of Jesus

22.8 — November/December 2009

That Corinthian Problem
The Long Reach of an Infamous First-Century Church

22.2 — March 2009

Cops & Robbers

on Why a Boy Is a Terrible Thing to Arrest

21.10 — December 2008

Faking a Bundle
on Lucrative Careers & Pseudo-Biblical Scholarship

21.9 — November 2008

Sabbath Shift
on Sunday Marathons & New Savages

21.4 — May 2008

Possible to Live Without
on Putting the Premarital House in Order

21.2 — March 2008

Dawkins’s God

on a Famous Atheist Who (Almost) Sounds Like Augustine

20.9 — November 2007

Intolerance Buildup
on the Merciful Kindness of Disapproval

20.6 — July/August 2007

Prodigal Continent
Without Roots
by Joseph Ratzinger and Marcello Pera

20.1 — January/February 2007

Divine Charity
God Is Love
by Pope Benedict XVI

20.1 — January/February 2007

Of Myths & Men

on How the George Washington Story Got Started

19.10 — December 2006

The Bonds of Silence
on Finding Friends While Alone with God

19.6 — July/August 2006

Bach & Awe
Johann Sebastian Bach: His Life In Pictures And Documents
by Hans Conrad Fischer

19.5 — June 2006

Lower Than The Idols

on the Superiority of Paganism to Pornography

19.4 — May 2006

Pure King James
The New Cambridge
Paragraph Bible
edited by David Norton

19.2 — March 2006

Speed Trap
on Not Fixing Boys Who Aren’t Broken

18.5 — June 2005

Service Men
on Men Who Are Not Savages

18.4 — May 2005

Another Christ or Another Joe?
The Priest Is Not His Own
by Fulton Sheen

17.9 — November 2004

Death by Legal Injunction

on the Price of Privileging AIDS

17.8 — October 2004

Three-Fold Chords
on the Trinity in Bach

15.4 — May 2002

Christ with Us
The Spirit of the Liturgy
by Joseph Cardinal Ratzinger

16.10 — December 2003

Dead Kids on the Block
on the Wages of Vice

17.2 — March 2004

The Gay Divorce

on the Real Robinson Affair

15.2 — March 2002

Remember, O Man
on Ash Wednesday

17.1 — January/February 2004

Her Mother's Glory

on the Hardest of Abortion Cases

16.3 — April 2003

The Problem with St. Skip

on True Humility

16.6 — July/August 2003

No Dread of the Undead
on Virtues & Vampires

15.5 — June 2002

A Neglected Opportunity
on the Criticisms of Dominus Iesus

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