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From the June, 2001 issue of Touchstone


Complicit Voters by S. M. Hutchens

Complicit Voters

We often forget that the National Socialists came to power by normal constitutional means—they were voted into parliamentary office by the German electorate. Christians who supported them were in favor of what we would call their “social legislation” but looked the other way when it came to the adumbrations of their philosophy. Knowledgeable believers, when faced with the choice of voting for a Nazi or the opposition, however unattractive the latter may otherwise have been, became the equivalent of “one-issue voters” and voted against the Nazis.

People who call themselves Christians—some even call themselves “Catholics”—yet vote for pro-abortion candidates because they support the social programs endorsed by the pro-abortion party are far worse than their German counterparts of the 1930s: They are voting for the Nazi candidates even while the slaughter is under way, while millions of little corpses are already suspended before their eyes. We have heard from some of them who justify themselves for this because their party has a history of redistribution of tax monies in a way they approve and because of vague fears of the autocracy of the “religious right.” We have no gentle words for these people. They are dupes with the blood of children on their hands, who should stand in mortal fear of the judgment of God.

S. M. Hutchens, for the editors

S. M. Hutchens is a senior editor of Touchstone.

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