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The Garland of Immortality

31:2 — March/April 2018

The Garland of Immortality

A Theology of Martyrdom in the Early Church by Bryan A. Stewart

Celtic Spirituality Revisited

31:2 — March/April 2018

Anatomy of a Conversion

Paula Huston on Becoming a New Kind of Human Being

The Pains of Nineveh

31:2 — March/April 2018

The Pains of Nineveh

Joseph Yacoub's Year of the Sword: The Assyrian Christian Genocide, A History reviewed by Anne Barbeau Gardiner

The Work of the Bee

31:2 — March/April 2018

The Work of the Bee

Musical Borrowings & Trinitarian Echoes by Christopher Hoyt

Millennial Mission

31:2 — March/April 2018

Millennial Mission

The Transmission of Christianity Is Not a New Task by Nathanael Devlin

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30.5—Sept/Oct 2017

The Unforgotten

on Costly Grace in Breece D'J Pancake's Flyover Country by Casey Chalk

29.6—Nov/Dec 2016

Ecclesia Non Grata

on the Deepening Loss of Religious Freedom & Our Response by Regis Nicoll

19.4—May 2006

The Relatively Good Book

on the Liberal Protestant Bible Translation by B. J. Hutto

from the archives on history

14.6—July/August 2001

The Transformed Relics of the Fall

on the Fulfillment of History in Christ by Patrick Henry Reardon

15.6—July/August 2002

Things Hidden Since the Beginning of the World

The Shape of Divine Providence & Human History by James Hitchcock

from the archives on america

29.2—March/April 2016

Family Phases

The History of Family Strength in America May Reveal Good News by Allan Carlson

29.4—July/August 2016

Deep Roots

Russell Kirk: American Conservative by Bradley J. Birzer by Hunter Baker

30.5—Sept/Oct 2017

Passions' Republic

The Christian Cure for What Ails Modern Politics by David Bradshaw



by Anthony Esolen

on Christian hymns

31.2 — March/April 2018

When Worship Goes Wrong

31.1 — January/February 2018

The First Blood

30.6 — Nov/Dec 2017

What Was Done Before

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From Heavenly Harmony

by Ken Myers

on classical music

31.2 — March/April 2018

Eloquent Lamentation

31.1 — January/February 2018

At Play in the House of the Lord

30.6 — Nov/Dec 2017

Taught by Melodious Sonnets

(See all)

A Thousand Words

by Mary Elizabeth Podles

on works of Christian art

31.2 — March/April 2018

The Votive Crown of King Recceswinth

31.1 — January/February 2018

Leonardo's Madonna and Child with Saint Anne

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First Books

by Kathie Johnson

on books for children

31.1 — January/February 2018

American History III

30.5 — Sept/Oct 2017

American History II

30.3 — May/June 2017

American History in Pictures

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Mortal Remains

by S. M. Hutchens

on theology and culture

31.2 — March/April 2018

The Gifts of the Poor

31.1 — January/February 2018

Caspian, Solomon & Mr. Trump

30.6 — Nov/Dec 2017

The Rules of Progress

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As It Is Written . . .

by Patrick Henry Reardon

on the bible and theology

31.2 — March/April 2018

Ashibag Unscripted

31.1 — January/February 2018

The World of Paul's Mind

30.6 — Nov/Dec 2017

Tempted from Above

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book reviews

30.1 — Jan/Feb, 2017

Manifest Bigotry
Missionaries of Republicanism: A Religious History of the Mexican-American War by John C. Pinheiro—A review by James A. Altena

30.4 — July/Aug, 2017

Gospel Marketplace
American Christianity: The Continuing Revolution by Stephen Cox—A review by Leon J. Podles

30.1 — Jan/Feb, 2017

Pilgrim's Finale?
The Book of the People: How to Read the Bible by A. N. Wilson—A review by Timothy Larsen

30.3 — May/June, 2017

The Slothful Modern
Acedia and Its Discontents: Metaphysical Boredom in an Empire of Desire by R. J. Snell—A review by Matthew Kemp

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Watchful Dragons: Neil Gaiman's Brush with Narnia Lingers by Russell D. Moore

The Truth About Men & Church: Robbie Low on the Importance of Fathers to Churchgoing

Sanger's Victory: How Planned Parenthood's Founder Played the Christians—and Won by Allan Carlson

The Abusive Society: The Far Country of Sexual Rebellion by James M. Kushiner & James Hitchcock

The Genuine Preacher: What All Clergy Can Learn from Billy Graham by Robert Hart

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